ABOUT ERAPPA 2022: What’s Next

ERAPPA 2022 Welcome
From Rex and John

When we last gathered 2 years ago in Erie, PA for the ERAPPA 2019 Annual Conference, little did we know the challenges 2020 and 2021 would bring just a few months later. The COVID-19 pandemic affected all of us in different ways, but it has been heartening to see the entire APPA community come together in support of one another throughout this challenging time. For institutions large and small, it has surely demonstrated the value of being part of a strong professional community.

We have missed the opportunities to meet face to face and discuss our common issues and share solutions.  We have all worked hard, developed innovative solutions, managed extremely tight resources and struggled to keep workers on our campuses.  We would describe our efforts as a tremendous success and we should all be very proud.  We are planning for ERAPPA 2022 to be a time when we can gather once again to regroup and refocus.  It is time for us to look ahead and ask what’s next.

Our theme for ERAPPA 2022 is “What’s Next?”  Where do we go from here, what is our next challenge to overcome, how have the past 2 years changed our perspectives and campuses forever, how do we perpetuate the positive elements, and the bigger question, what’s next?

We are planning the ERAPPA 2022 Annual Conference to be even more informative, collaborative and current than ever before.   There will be significant opportunities to strengthen and build your ERAPPA network, ranging from the Hall of Resources with new interactive features and signature conference social events that will make the most of this venue’s many on-site amenities. We will be driving the use of technology by our speakers, our presenters and our business sponsors.  Our educational sessions will be focused forward to share our successes, learn from our failures, and help us each perform better for our campuses.  By maximizing the number of scholarships available, we want to ensure all our Institutional members, regardless of their financial circumstances, can apply for and attend this inspiring ERAPPA conference.  In addition to attending in person, for the very first time, we will be offering conference sessions and social networking to include a remote audience to ensure all of our members can benefit from the conversations and content.

On behalf of NYAPPA, our SUNYPPAA partners and our host committee, we are looking forward to welcoming you all to Oneida NY and the Turning Stone Resort.  Be sure to visit the conference website for additional information and stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

Rex and John
Host Committee Co-Chairs ERAPPA 2022