“What’s Next” is the focus for the ERAPPA 2022 Conference Keynote Address.  We have assembled a panel of Higher Education Leaders from the across the Northeast US and Canada for a town hall type discussion to give us their perspective on “what’s next” for facilities leaders.  We are also excited to welcome Lander Medlin, the President and CEO of APPA, as our moderator for this panel.  Lander will lead the panel through a discussion of the issues facing higher education and their impacts on facilities.

We expect the topics will include the changes and trends resulting from the pandemic, the impacts of the population reduction in 2026, the plans for our aging infrastructure and other challenges expected in our future.  The visionary leaders in Higher Education will help us all understand “What’s Next”.

Join us Monday, September 19th for an engaging conversation!



Stop Living with all the Negativity!

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Join us on Tuesday, September 20th learn game changing technics that will impact your life and maybe someone else’s!