Dear Business Partner,

With the speed in which COVID-19 arrived, it brought upon a major shift in the way that we all work and carry out our daily lives; and the subsequent development of several successful vaccines to help keep us all safe, you may now be asking yourself “What’s Next?”

The next generation of technological solutions and techniques to help us combat and contain the virus arrived into the marketplace at a feverish pace, and these types of advances are helping us all hit back with that “next wave” of ingenuity. Even with all of these wonderful things taking place, you may be thinking about what may be your “next move.” Regardless of the path that your organization chooses to take, you will need to up your game to that “next level.”

“Next up” to help you do that, the New York Chapter (NYAPPA) of the Eastern Region of APPA (ERAPPA), is pleased to be hosting the 2022 annual Eastern Regional Conference at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York. The conference will take place from September 18th – 21st, 2022, and will include both new and emerging products & services, as well as a fantastic lineup of educational programs and networking opportunities alike, with colleagues in various facilities related disciplines.

ERAPPA members include facility management professionals from public and private colleges, universities, and community colleges from across New York State, as well as from Eastern Canada and all over the Northeastern United States (Maine to Washington D.C.). The annual conference provides unique opportunities for our Business Partners to interact with institutional members, such as the call for presentations, in which a Business Partner could team up with an institution to provide valuable learning opportunities and educational content as well as to build new relationships and reinforce existing ones.

Your support of ERAPPA is extremely important to our members who rely on business partners daily to successfully address the needs of their institutions. As a Business Partner Sponsor, your company’s representatives will have access to all of the educational sessions of this magnificent conference, as well as have many opportunities to network, interact, and gain valuable face time with institutional decision makers.

We are looking forward to engaging with institutional members and business partners alike in the spirit of collegiality to advance our common interests, and invite you to consider supporting our 2022 event as we all look forward to “What’s Next.”

We hope to see you at the Turning Stone Resort in 2022!


Gary N. Goss Jr., The College of Saint Rose
Business Partners Committee Chair

Nicholas R. Cerro, C&S Companies
Business Partners Committee Co-Chair